What I Did to Sell More Kindle Books on Amazon: Volume 2


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Diana Loera spent over 20 years in the advertising industry. She has brought countless products and services to the public. She has worked with clients in the US and abroad to help them effectively market their product/service. Now Diana is a full time author. She quickly discovered her years of marketing expertise set her apart from most other authors. This solid experience gave her a large jump start in her success as an author. Diana shares with you solid marketing advice including social media, time management, marketing in general, the best author resources and much more. Diana also includes her email address in the event an author has additional questions. Are you ready to sell more books? Are you wondering why your past marketing isn’t producing sales? Are you at a loss regarding what type of marketing that you should be doing? Before you shell out $$$ for a supposed marketing tool or review from you know where ($475+ a review) – check this book out and let Diana give you some insight based on solid, down to earth experience.


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