What I Did to Make Money on Fiverr From Day One


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The Book For Fiverr Freelancers & Those Looking For Fast Freelance Income Book purchase includes one free Fiverr gig consultation via email with Diana (a $500+ value). This book covers the newly released Fiverr 2 version. Diana Loera is an established marketer. She charges companies $1500 and up on a daily rate arrangement to review their marketing, analyze data and make recommendations. Now, for the first time ever, she shares her marketing expertise and tips with you regarding how you can start making money fast as a Fiverr freelancer. Diana walks you through the steps to quickly jumpstart your brain and get the cash machine mindset in motion. Did you know even if you can’t type, have zero office experience, or have not been able to get a 9-5 job (or even a graveyard shift job) that most likely there is something you can do on Fiverr to make money? The difference between this book and others is that Diana Loera is an established marketer and she uses her marketing ability to increase her sales on Fiverr. She shares her marketing knowledge and how to expertise with you in What I Did to Make Money on Fiverr From Day One. If that’s not enough, she provides you with her contact information for a free analysis of one of your Fiverr gigs. Have you dreamed of making extra money or working from home? Are you a stay at home parent, retiree, out of work, high school grad, non high school grad, college grad, white collar worker, blue collar worker? It doesn’t matter what your age or occupation is – as long as you have computer access, you can generate money online – without start up costs, without membership fees, without having to spend months learning how to do something only to find the opportunity wave is gone. Are you already on Fiverr but making few or worse yet- no sales? Grab a copy of this book right now and let Diana help you harness the money making machine called Fiverr. What could you do with an extra $100, $200, $500, $1000 a month? Did you know there are people earning a full time living on Fiverr? You could be the next person making hundreds of dollars on Fiverr but you won’t know unless you take action. Diana removes the stress and learning curve and puts you on the Fiverr Fast Track immediately! As mentioned – Diana includes contact info and will personally review one of your Fiverr gigs and offer her professional marketing insight – at no extra cost. So buy this book, read it and get started today on Fiverr!


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