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Directory featuring over 500 USA based sources for buying wholesale. Categories include Candles, Candies, General Merchandise, Giftware, Incense, Perfumes, Bath Items, Electronics, Tools, Ethnic merchandise, As Seen On TV items, Clothing, Toys, Baby Items and much more all in one easy to use directory. A great resource for flea market vendors and any one else wanting to find USA based companies that offer wholesale merchandise. Diana Loera and her husband found the fast track route to generating cash income when they started a flea market business. They also found that many people (just like themselves) struggled to find USA Based Wholesale Sources for flea market selling as well as fund raising selling. Diana compiled a directory of the hundreds of USA based companies she found who offer products that one can sell at flea markets – and not have to order from offshore. People from all walks of life including retired, disabled and unemployed have found that flea market selling can help them improve their quality of life with income generated in a very short time – often just a few hours on the weekends with little start up costs. The USA Based Wholesale Directory now gives them a resource guide right at their fingertips.


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