Stop Hot Flashes Now: The natural, fast, effective & inexpensive way to alleviate and eliminate hot flashes


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If you are having hot flashes – this book is a must read before you spend money on a variety of supplements that may not work for you.

Diana Loera diligently researched and found a simple and inexpensive way to quickly alleviate and then eliminate hot flashes.
Not one to do yoga, not wanting to take medications, but wanting a simple effective solution, Diana tried a variety of supplements and found what stopped hot flashes cold.
This book is a very quick and fast read – it cuts right to the solution to help you get relief fast.
Millions of women suffer from menopause symptoms.

Their friends and family often feel helpless and don’t know what suggestions to offer.

If you suffer from the stress and embarrassment caused by hot flashes, this book is for you.

If you have a friend or family member looking for relief from hot flashes, giving them this book may be the best thing you could do to help.

A quick read, Stop Hot Flashes Now offers readers easy and inexpensive natural solutions to alleviate and even stop hot flashes – fast.

You’ll find out why black cohosh isn’t recommended and what natural herbal remedies have helped (as well as not helped) so you don’t waste time and money on herbal remedies and products that don’t work. Every day thousands of people search to find out what hot flashes are and how to stop them.

Most likely if you’ve found this book, you already know what hot flashes are and now you want an option for relief of hot flashes or want to find out what to do to cure yourself of hot flashes.

You may have bought products from infomercials or online or even at your local store – spending a lot of money and then finding out they didn’t work.  Frustration welling up, you pitched the product in the trash as it was too embarrassing to return it.

You may not go to certain events or dread going out to the mall, to the movies, out to eat or even to work.  The whole time you are anywhere you may find yourself praying you don’t have a hot flash and stand there with your face bright red and clothes clinging to your back.   Sound familiar?   If so, you certainly are not alone.

Stop Hot Flashes Now walks you quickly through what worked (and what didn’t) for the author.

The author ultimately found a way to stop her hot flashes using several simple and inexpensive natural products.  It is her hope that she can help others by sharing her story and walking others through what worked for her.


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