I-601A Our Journey to Ciudad Juarez: Our Experience Regarding the Interview Process for the I-601A Waiver in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


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Are you or a loved one applying for an I-601A waiver? Or has your I601A waiver been approved and you’re preparing to travel to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for your immigration interview? Diana Loera walks you through the part of the process that not many people share- information about- what happens when you or your loved one crosses the border and goes to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for the I601A waiver interview. Diana traveled with her husband in 2014 to Juarez. She discovered that there was very little information available regarding the area around the American Consulate, preparing for the appointments and returning back to the US after the appointments. She documented the steps that were taken for this part of the immigration process and she shares her information with you in this valuable resource book. She also includes several color photos of Ciudad Juarez, valuable hotel information, information about the medical appointment, the fingerprint appointment and the actual interview. In this book you’ll learn what documents to take with you, what to expect when you reach Juarez and what to expect at the appointments. You’ll also find out where to find a currency exchange, dining and shopping options, hotel options (and what hotels are closest to the American Consulate) plus contact information for the hotels. Diana also shares their experiences around the I601A process including the Biometrics appointment, receiving the RFE (Request for Evidence), preparing to travel to Ciudad Juarez and other valuable insight to help you make your trip to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico as smooth as possible. She also discusses numerous things that she and her husband were told that turned out to not be true thus hopefully helping you eliminate the stress of the unknown when you arrive in Juarez. The I-601A process is a time consuming and expensive process. Proving an extreme hardship for the I-601A waiver is often a highly stressful and time consuming project. Many people find that their waiver is denied. If the waiver is approved, many people go to Juarez totally unprepared for the interview. Just because the paperwork was approved in the US, the individual still must successfully complete at interview at the US Consulate and also pass a medical exam and fingerprinting appointment. Many people face deportation as they did not follow the I601A process or found their provisional waiver was denied. Diana shares with you what she and her husband witnessed as they watched numerous people dismissed from their interview. People who traveled to Juarez only to find they were not going to be approved. This book was written to help others n their I-601A immigration journey to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Diana also includes her email address if you would like to contact her to share your experience regarding the I-601A immigration waiver process.


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