Fast Start Guide to Successful Marketing For Books in the Amazon Kindle Scout Program


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Many indie authors are flocking to the new Amazon Kindle Scout program. The proram was unveiled in 2014 and offers indie authors a unique opportunity including receiving an advance. Diana Loera is an author and author consultant. She began self publishing a few short years ago and was pleased to see immediate sales. Diana attributes her extensive background in marketing as the key to her success. She has written several marketing books for authors and also works with authors on a case by case basis. After receiving numerous queries from authors regarding the Amazon Kindle Scout program she decided to write a book that would help selected Kindle Scout participants. Those selected to participate in the Kindle Scout program only have 30 days to market their book and receive nominations. These authors need to be on the fast track when it comes to marketing. There is zero time to waste and authors must know how to avoid money wasters and hit the ground running with a solid and well though out marketing plan geared towards Kindle Scout marketing. This book was written specifically for those participating in the Amazon Kindle Scout program.


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