Fast Start Guide to Flea Market Selling: How to Generate Fast Cash in a Down Economy


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Diana Loera and her husband found the fast track route to generating cash income when they started a flea market business.

This is NOT a “get rich quick” book but instead readers are walked through the process Diana Loera and her husband used to generate income quickly and efficiently at a local flea market. You’ll learn why more and more people are supplementing or even replacing their traditional income with income generated by operating a booth at a flea market. People from all walks of life including retired, disabled and unemployed have found that flea market selling can help them improve their quality of life with income generated in a very short time – often just a few hours on the weekends with little start up costs.
 Over 60 large pages of tips, advice and experience plus several full color photos make this a must read if you are looking for income earning opportunities or considering selling at a flea market.
The Fast Start Guide to Flea Market Selling is the companion book to the USA Based Wholesale Directory 2013 Edition  which contains over 750 wholesale source listings located in the USA.
 Products include sunglasses, tools, auto related, clothing, perfumes, handbags, dollar items – all the items you may want to consider if you open a flea market booth. Fast Start Guide to Flea Market Selling does not include a list of wholesale sources but does provide the information needed to quickly get on the fast track to income generation. You won’t have to go through the learning curve that Diana did as she walks you through her experiences including what to sell, merchandising for maximum sales, how to spot thieves (including employee theft), negotiations between seller and buyer and more. Selling at a flea market can put a lot of money in your pocket – fast – if you know the ropes. Learning the ropes often takes some time. Diana removes that time and you jump to the head of the learning line.


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