Fast Start Guide – How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs


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Every day, thousands of Americans worry about increasing prescription costs and how they are going to pay for their medications. In some cases, they have to choose between groceries and medications. To make matters worse, often medical bills are not covered by insurance or people do not have medical insurance because they cannot afford it. Diana Loera delves into the often hidden tips and shortcuts to reduce or even eliminate prescription costs. She also includes advice on how to handle uncovered medical bills. If you or a loved one are facing rising medication costs or are simply tired of having to cut back on other things to afford medications, you may find a solution in this book. If, like thousands of Americans, you are dealing with the stress of unpaid medical bills due to not having insurance or insurance refusing to cover even the most basic things, this book may give you some insight on what you can do to reduce your uncovered medical bills. This is not a miracle, reduce all prescriptions to zero cost book but it is a book with solid tips and an extensive resource directory of companies and foundations ready and willing to help those with various medical conditions. Even if you only find one tip in this book that lowers your prescription costs by a couple dollars a month, you are still saving money that can be used for other things. The main thing is, you have decided it is time to take action to find a way to reduce your prescription costs. This book is an easy to follow resource to help you find possible solutions.


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