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Best Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipes: Comfort Foods – Macaroni and Cheese


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Who doesn’t love the creamy taste of homemade mac and cheese? Sure the boxed stuff is pretty good but – homemade mac and cheese is in another league. I’ve included a version of macaroni and cheese for your slow cooker and another from a famous Chicago landmark restaurant. To liven up your meals a bit more I included a few recipes for homemade mac and cheese with just a bit more – such as a delicious Tex Mex version. But I didn’t stop there – impress your friends, your co-workers and those at the church potluck with some of our other mac and cheese recipes. I’ve hand selected the best of the best homemade macaroni and cheese recipes for you. Your family will ask for seconds and your friends will ask for your recipes the second they take the first taste of these delicious homemade mac and cheese dishes.


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